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What are the Terms of Use for your digital kits?

In general, I do not allow for the commercial use of my items. These kits have been created with hobbies, not business, in mind.

I do make an exception for small businesses that create scrapbook pages, cards, invitations or other papercrafts for a paying customer (often referred to as “Scrap for Hire” or “Scrap for Others”), provided that the final file that you offer your customers is a flattened image (a .jpg or .png file). I do not charge an additional fee over the original price of the kit for this type of use.

What what do you mean by “small business”?

I mean that you are an individual, running your own small home-based business, making unique items for one paying customer. This would not apply to shops run on sites such as Etsy.

For example: Let’s say a friend wishes to pay you to create something special for her, like a baby shower invitation or a Christmas photo card. In that situation, feel free to use my designs! I do not consider that to be commercial use.

However, if you are running a shop or business (either physical or digital) and will be mass producing items for sale, then that is “commercial use” and I do not allow for the use of my designs in those situations. This would apply to making invitation templates, sticker sheets for planners, yearbooks, pre-made scrapbook pages and other items that are not unique to one paying client. I reserve all rights to print and publish my work on any higher commercial level such as this.

If you have additional questions about my Terms of Use, you can download my full TOU here.