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One Little Word 2016 | January

As I mentioned in my previous post, this year I’m participating in Ali Edwards’ One Little Word class! (It’s really awesome—if you are on the fence about joining, you should just do it! The community is very supportive and full of inspiration.)

We are working together to create an album to record our thoughts, feelings and intentions for the year. I knew I wanted to find an album that was a pretty, shiny gold. The color gold (and glitter… and stars!) really embodies the word “celebration” for me. But when I went shopping, I kinda balked at the price tag of the one gold album I found. It was gorgeous. But it was $20! I almost went with it, but it also had another strike against it—it had a bookplate (known to RUIN dinning room tables in this house) and metal edges. Those are two things that look pretty, but aren’t practical in this house. I try to avoid them.

I was about to just buy the gold album anyway, when I found this little cardboard one—for $6! And since it was made of cardboard, I altered it myself with sparkly spray:

Yay! I love the color. (And the savings!) I will probably add to the cover… some other time. Not sure what yet what I’d like to see there.

I knew that I wanted my title page to be a sparkly and semi-transparent. This star paper fit the bill perfectly!

But—I have to confess: I don’t love the “celebrate” sticker.

I ordered a scripty sticker pack online, and when it arrived, I was really disappointed in the quality of this particular word. It’s covered in gobs of epoxy. So sad! If I find a similar sticker at my local scrapbook shop, I’m totally ripping this baby off and replacing it. But for now, I’ll leave it there and try to embrace imperfection. 😀

Ali offered us a free digital version of the stamp set that you can order for the class, which made my little digital heart so happy! I made the “definition” and “reason why” cards in Photoshop using her awesome stamps:

But it took me forever to take a selfie that I thought I would want to look at for the rest of the year! (Selfies can be so hard… meh.)

I love this quote:

Turning the page…

Ann Voskamp created this lovely free printable, which I scaled down to fit a 6×8 page:

There’s one more page on the back of this one called “The Year Ahead.” I’ve been dragging my feet on it because the questions are really good and I want to give them my full attention. I’ll be sure to share that page next month.

Those are my January pages!

I’m really excited about this project and I love my album already. I’m excited to see what we’ll be making in February! I hope to share my February pages here again next month.

Until next time, Happy Scrapping!


  1. kamoorephoto

    Really pretty!! I’m new to OLW and using all these sorts of supplies and I love what you did!! Great inspiration.

  2. Mari Koegelenberg

    This is so gorgeous Nicole! I love how you used the cards to really bring back home the message and intentions and goals for this year. I think when you get to times of why am I doing this it will keep on inspiring you <3 and love the simplistic black and white with the gold it really just makes everything pop!

  3. Laura

    How do you print on the 3×4 cards?

  4. Nicole Seitler

    Thank you, all!

    Laura, the class comes with a digital kit. There are .png files on a 3×4 canvas in there. I opened the cards I wanted to use in Photoshop and then typed on each card with a typewriter font. Hope that helps!

  5. Laura

    Thank you I will have to learn how to use .png files. 🙂


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