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Eleven years ago this month, I launched a blog and a little shop called Sugarplum Paperie were I shared digital scrapbooking kits that I created.

I ran my shop and designed kits for eight wonderful years, making some great friends and having many dreams come true along the way. But in 2015, I had to make the difficult decision to step away from designing.

You see, my main job for the last 11 years has been to be a homeschooling momma to my four amazing kiddos. And I didn’t choose the easy road when it comes to that endeavor–oh, no! I’m a bit of a “do-it-yourselfer” when it comes to our curriculum. (I geek out over picking our books and planning our year.) And I also have an affinity for Classical education with a pinch of Charlotte Mason tossed in for good measure. All that to say–there’s a lot of prep work on my end that goes into every week, like pre-reading classics that I never got to read myself and brushing up on my Latin so I can help the kids with theirs. While it’s a lot of work, it’s all worth it to me! I love homeschooling. But at the time I made the decision to stop designing, things were a mess at our house and I realized that my love for making pretty papers was keeping me from giving my kids my full attention. So, I decided to call it quits before we all went crazy.

What I didn’t know at the time was that we were in a rough patch that we were going to outgrow! I thought things were only going to get worse once my oldest moved into the 9th grade, but high school has actually been a breeze. Who knew?! I went from feeling like I was drowning because everyone needed me to be at the table with them every day (teaching 7th, 4th, 1st and pre-K) to wondering where in the heck my kids are and why they aren’t bothering me anymore (teaching 10th, 7th, 4th and 2nd). The older three spend most of the morning in their rooms while I hang out at the table with my little guy and everything is going smoothly now. I found that I had some time on my hands–and so I started flirting with the idea of designing again.

If I could have looked into the future three years ago and seen that this is what things would be like in our homeschool, then I never would have stepped away. Honestly, I have struggled through a real blue season ever since I made the decision to stop designing. I guess you could say that designing is one of my favorite hobbies. It’s definitely something that makes me really happy! I just love making a kit and putting all the little pieces together, thinking about how people will use them and and trying to come up with the next paper and next element that will bring the whole collection together. I’ve missed it a lot…

So, since I can’t hop in a time machine and go back, today I am doing the next best thing: I’m starting anew!

I have a shiny new website and I’ll have some shiny new goodies to share with you, too. It all begins tomorrow!

Grand Re-Opening

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And stop back by tomorrow for all the details on my new releases–plus a freebie! See you then!


  1. Carrie (carrie1977)

    Such exciting news! I can’t wait to see what you have in store!

  2. May Scholz

    Hi, Nicole!
    So glad to see you and looking forward to see all the pretty things you made.

  3. Melissa Marti

    Oh!!!! <3 Welcome back! We've missed you!

  4. Alina

    Yay! <3 <3 <3

  5. Tracey

    Welcome back.

  6. Violet Irisovna

    This is wonderful news!! A few years ago I went through all the kits I had collected (mostly freebies from all around the web, lots of blog trains, etc.) to try to identify what style(s) and designers I really loved the most, and actually track down those designers at their stores and finally start buying from them. I identified your designs as some of my top favorites in my collection, but then was so sad to discover that you had already retired. So I am thrilled that you’re coming back, welcome back!

  7. Amy Hoogstad

    Yaaaaaayyyyyy!!! I’m so excited you’re back, Nicole!!

  8. Bonnie

    welcome back!

  9. Donna

    I missed your stuff, Nicole!!! Welcome back! 💕

  10. Michelle

    Welcome back! We look forward to your new designs.

  11. Lisa Sisneros

    This is the best news! Happy to see you back, Nicole! 🙂

  12. Angi

    This is absolutely GREAT news!!!! Just wanted to chime in even if bit late;)


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