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Closing Up Shop & Retirement Sale

A few months ago, I had to make a tough personal decision…

I had to face the fact that the day had finally come where real life was calling me to press the pause button on my design career for a good, long time.

When I first started designing, I knew this day could come–the day when I would no longer have the free time to keep up with designing and running a business. You see, 14 years ago–before we even had kids–Travis and I both had a big heart for homeschooling. For a while, I could keep up with homeschooling and designing, but there were several times over the last 4 years where I had to throw our school schedule out the window in order to met deadlines and finish kits. That was something we could all live with when kids were younger and I only had a 4th and 1st grader to teach. School took 3 hours at the most! But this year I have four students who are now in the 7th, 4th and 1st grades–AND an over-eager Kindergartner. (I’m sure you can imagine how quickly a day can get chaotic around here!)

The whole reason we made the decision that I would stay home all those years ago is because we felt that it was really important for me to be here for my kids. In this busy season of my life, trying to run a business is totally competing with that primary goal. So… unfortunately, the time has come for me to say goodbye to the digital scrapbooking world.

I will not be totally disappearing from the face of the earth though! Trust me, if you are feeling sad and blue at hearing this news, so am I.

I want to make sure that my things do have a permanent home, so I have been working on setting up a small personal shop here on my own site once again (which will open this Friday). I’ve also opened a new Etsy shop, where I will primarily be offering paper packs and note cards. So, most of my designs will still be available, but there are some that will be retiring for good! I thought I would focus a bit on those items today, so that you don’t miss out on picking up something you’ve always wanted to get.

Here’s the run down on my retirement sale:

#1: First of all, EVERYTHING is currently on sale in my shop at The Digital Press (now through Friday):

#2: I will not be moving any collabs over to my personal shop, so ALL collabs are retiring this week–expect for those created with Mari Koegelenberg. We’ve made so many kits and collections that it would be heartbreaking to retire them all. So, those kits will still be available at The Digital Press after this Friday. But those kits are still on sale this week in my shop!

#3: There are a number of things that are truly retiring from my shop… or at least “retiring in their present form.” I may upload a few paper packs to Etsy, but the element and alpha packs will be going away for good. In general, the older the item, the more likely it is that it’s retiring for good.

Enjoy the super-special savings and, as always, Happy Scrapping!


  1. Mari Koegelenberg

    I am going to miss you my dear <3 and I will hold you accountable…no disappearing on us ok!

  2. creashens

    sniff sniff… you and your lovely designs will certainly be missed. all the best to you, nicole! <3

  3. Cully Barbosa

    I can imagine how painful it will be to set aside designing. We will certainly miss you. I usually shop at the sugarhill CU shop. What are your plans for your products there?



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